What we're proud of

  • Almonst 10,000 participants have attended workshops or activities.

  • 87% of staff from freight and bus companies who have participated in workshops report a positive change in driver attitudes to sharing the road.

  • 86% of cyclists who attended cycling workshops report learning a range of useful techniques and skills for safer riding; with increased skills and confidence while riding in traffic with heavy transport, due to where, when, and how they ride.

  • Trials are underway to create 3-D film environments that will enable (with a VR Headset or tablet) drivers and those who cycle to experience riding a bike or driving a truck virtually. This will overcome the logistical challenges of getting folk out on the road, particularly the likes of line haul drivers who are always on the highway.

  • We've established a network of stakeholders and supporters in both the heavy vehicle and cycling communities of New Zealand.

  • We're continuing to develop our systems, workshops, activities and outputs to reach more people and improve road safety throughout the country

  • 2017 TRAFINZ Road Safety Leadership awarded to our Manager, Richard Barter

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