For our half-day workshops for heavy vehicle drivers and managers, here's a look at a typical timetable:

9:45am  Arrive at venue, sign in with Facilitators, confirm Health and Safety status including ability to ride a bicycle for 3kms, health, medications being taken, dietary requirements for lunch.

10:00     Introductions to workshop by facilitator.

10:05     First activity is to recall a past on-road incident, involving people on bicycles while driving their truck or bus, that comes to the manager's or trainer's mind. Then with those encounters in mind, the participants take part in a number of exercises that provide 1st hand experience of what it is like to be on a bicycle

10:30     Move to area where activities on bicycles is to take place. Get fitted with a bicycle and helmet and be accessed as to ability to ride.

10:45     The first exercise unpacks the impact of what speed and difference in mass feels like when being followed on a bicycle. This happens in an off-road area around 30x30m.

11:45     The next in on road exercise enables the drivers to understand why cyclists position themselves out from the curb or parked cars. This activity involves a short cycle ride 2-3kms. Usually the 1st part is on off road paths with a transition to quite roads that have parked cars. There will be one qualified cycle skills instructor present to every 6 participants.

12:15pm Lastly a carefully organised activity involves participants lining up alongside the road and being passed at a safe distance by a heavy vehicle.

12:45     These activities are followed by a light lunch. The incidents recalled at the beginning of the workshop are then discussed in the light of having been on road, on a bicycle.

1:30       The workshops conclude with a short survey being completed and any questions, comments taken. A certificate for completion of the Workshop will be presented to each participant.