The Share the Road Campaign

Share the Road is run by the Cycling Action Network (CAN) under contract with New Zealand Transport Agency. CAN has run workshops for commercial drivers, police and for cyclists for almost a decade.

Our stakeholders from the trucking, bus and cycling communities give us vital support.

Our core safety messages

For Drivers

  • Driving behind a cyclist? Leave plenty of space
  • Cyclists ride further out from the kerb and parked cars because it’s safer
  • When you pass a cyclist, leave a buffer of space between you

For Cyclists

  • Keep control of your bike and the situation
  • Ride to be seen and to be predictable
  • Choose safe routes

The best way to understand these core messages is to check out our short videos:


Our Advisory Group:

To ensure our work is relevant and effective, we work with an Advisory Group, made up of representatives from: Road Transport Forum, National Road Carriers, Road Transport Association NZ, NZ Trucking, Log Transport Safety Council, Cycling NZ, Cycling Action Network, NZ Police, ACC, Auckland Transport, Bus and Coach Association and NZTA,


Here is the Share the Road team:


Richard Barter

Richard is our Campaign Manager.

Contact Richard at or 021 277 1213

Steve OK pic.jpg

Steve Cable

Steve is our Bus & Coach Liaison Manager.


Will Andrews

Campaign Co-ordinator. Manages the Cycling Confidence and Blind Zone workshop programmes. 


Julian Hulls and Nextbike

Julian is an expert facilitator and educator. His company Nextbike contracts to Share the Road to deliver workshops and develop our content.