Cycling Confidence Workshops

Our Cycling Confidence workshops are carefully structured to enable cyclists to understand the challenges professional drivers face and the physical attributes of heavy vehicles. 

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    The workshops are aimed at all cyclists who use the road: commuters, sports and leisure bikers. They are based on a customised and industry-proven curriculum. With a duration of around three hours, the workshops are delivered by qualified facilitators.

    ‘...I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed the truck part, it was a wonderful insight to how little they see!! Thank you to CAN and NZTA for putting the workshop on, well worthwhile and I have had some great feedback from 2 others that were there. Would love to get it back in the Bay again next year.’
    — Lyndal, Hawkes Bay

    Workshop features:

    Workshops start and finish in an indoor space with toilets and kitchen available, but most of the time is spent outdoors in live traffic environments.

    • A classroom discussion, setting the scene on bike safety;
    • Demonstration of a heavy vehicle features;
    • Exercises to identify the HV blind zones;
    • Bike Control: demo and drills in an open space;
    • Being Seen: A brief ride on quiet local streets with discussions about safety issues cyclists encounter on the way;
    • Choosing Safe Routes: A look at a more complex junction or road feature, with the emphasis on staying safe where HVs are encountered;
    • Summary, de-brief and a light lunch back at base;

    Workshops usually take 2 1/2 to 3 hours including lunch. The distance biked during workshops varies from 3 to 6 km.

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    I found the course interesting and the topics very relevant and came away examining several aspects of my own riding style… certain aspects of riding such as positioning on the road, signalling clearly and riding confidently, establishing eye contact and checking behind regularly etc are sending messages to other road uses. The messages are I’m a vehicle and I’m behaving like one, and importantly I know what I’m doing.
    — Gavin, experienced cyclist, Hawkes Bay

    Our key messages for cyclists:

    • Keep control of your bike and the situation.
    • Ride to be seen and predictable.
    • Choose safe routes.